Technical Specification
  • Suitable for Single or group machines in straight line/Curved/ Zigzag/Rotational Path
  • Power supply through copper bus bar in a completely enclosed PVC power Duct arrangement
  • Drive Mechanism by Geared Motors
  • Aero Dynamic design for the best performance
  • Latest Generation PLC (Programming Logic Controller) for effective control operation of the unit
  • Push Button on both sides for “START”, “STOP” & “REVERSAL” of the Unit.

  • Obstacle Sensor arrangement – Optical (or) Mechanical
  • Automatic Parking Arrangement
  • Automatic waste collecting system
  • Link Corner Arrangement
  • RoCos Compact/ Elite Compact Nozzle Arrangement
  • Wharve cleaning arrangement
  • Bobbin Transport System compatibility
  • Hanging type suitable for speed frame with auto- doffer & BTS, V creel warping machines.
Model Name MTP 300 MTP 400
System Power Duct Power Duct
Fan Motor 3 HP, 415v, 3Ø 50Hz, 2 Pole 4 HP, 415v, 3Ø 50Hz, 2 Pole
Drive motor 150 Watts, 3Ø 415 Volts 150 Watts, 3Ø 415 Volts
Blowing Air Volume 2600 m3/h 2900 m3/h
Suction Capacity (Total Pressure) 2400Pa 2700Pa
No. of Blowing pipes x size 2 x 125 mm Dia 2 x 125 mm Dia
No. of Suction pipes x size 4 x 100 mm Dia 4 x 100 mm Dia
Travelling speed 12/16/20 m/min 12/16/20 m/min
Filter Area 0.14 m2 0.14 m2
Function Control PLC PLC
Travelling Path Straight line & Curved Straight line & Curved
* Will vary according to the type of frames