CENVAC is a single point Centralized cleaning system and most ideal cleaning solutions for Spinning and Weaving Mills. It is a fit and forget system and needs very little maintenance. Conventional cleaning systems involve a cumbersome and often difficult process of dragging equipment across the shop floor which might damage the cables and other electrical hazards due to short circuit. Overall above CENVAC saves the time and labor which is a primary requirement in Textile mills.


A regenerative single stage vacuum pump fitted with the suction pipe arrangement and waste collection container is kept at central location. The suction pipe arrangement runs through the trench in the production area and is provided with the flap gate at strategic location.
In order to save power, a high accuracy sensor fitted to the flap gates is activated by inserting the nozzle arrangement through the flap gate whenever the system is required for operation. Adequate and handy suction nozzle ensures easier and effective cleaning of all waste even from inaccessible areas.