Technical Specifications
  • The overhead railing will be looped between all spinning frames and all speed frames group as in the enclosed drawing.
  • Full bobbins will be moved manually to the buffer area. If the requirement is made in the ring frame then the doffer will move the train to the ring frame.
  • Overhead rails are made of aluminium and the trains are also made of aluminium and anodized for smooth finish and corrosion free. Main and guide rollers are made of Acetate – plastic with high precision bearings. The connecting tube design allows exact tangential travelling of train to have minimum wear.
  • Empty tubes and full bobbins are manually loaded on to the trains running in the overhead railing in ring frame and speed frames randomly / whenever required as shown in the picture. Like this, whenever full bobbins are empties required, it will be removed manually from the trains running in the overhead railing.