Technical Specifications
  • In Bobbin Transport System, Speed frames and Ring frames will be connected by Overhead rails (through Buffer Area) in which Trains will move as shown in the picture. Each train will have bobbin holders approximately half of the no of spindles in Speed frames.
  • Overhead Rails are made of Aluminum and the trains are also made of Aluminum and anodized for smooth finish and corrosion free. Trains will be moved by Motors fixed at frequent intervals using friction wheel which has a smooth surface to prevent jumping of the drive.
  • Main and guide rollers are made of Acetate – plastic with high precision bearings. The connecting tube design allows exact tangential traveling of train to have minimum wear. In Buffer Area, there will be number of reserve tracks (based on the number of Speed Frames Connected) in which reserve bobbins will be stocked.
  • Before taking the doff in Speed frame, doffer has to call the train holding empty tubes to the particular speed frame rail from Reserve area by operating IN Switch provided in the Speed frame . Trains will be automatically moved to the particular Speed frame. He has to take empties from the train. After the doff , has to load full bobbins manually to the train as shown in the above picture and has to send full loaded train to buffer area by Operating OUT Switch.
  • Full bobbin trains will be stocked in the buffer area rails. Whenever full bobbins required in Ring frame, particular ring frame sider has to call full bobbin train from buffer area to the particular ring frame side by operating IN switch provided in each side of the ring frame. Train will be automatically moved to the particular ring frame side. Manually , has to remove full bobbins from the train , to load full bobbins in ring frame creel , also to load empty bobbin ( taken from ring frame creel ) in the train and to send empty bobbin train to buffer area by operating OUT switch

  • Automatic Bobbin Stripper
  • Automatic Bobbin Exchanger